Straight up fashion with a twist

I love a well planned shoot with an organised and professional team. The concept behind this Centro catalogue fashion was to start with a ‘normal’ fashion setting and add a ‘quirk’ – much like the Centro work we did a while ago with the watermelon slaying ballet dancer and toast adoring princess.

Agency – Black Sheep Advertising
Styling – Chloe Spalding
Hair/MUA – Natasha Kruzycki
Models – Bec and Jose

Attack of Rundle Mallzilla!

Rundle Mall Unique Magazine SS11

The fourth Magazine we’ve worked on with Algo Mas and Rundle Mall turned out to be the BIGGEST by far! Not only was it a whopping 64 pages but our models were positively massive! This was an instance where we were given an opportunity to pitch some concepts for the photography and thus Mallzilla was born. Inspired partly by the ‘miniature’ (Tilt/Shift) craze that’s been doing the rounds for the last couple of years and partly an inexplicable desire to be stuck to the Mac like glue for hours and hours on end, this concept became very close to my heart. This helped  maintain motivation during the mammoth retouching/compositing stints for each of the 6 images!!

Credit Union Xmas Pageant 2011

PR firm Communikate recently contacted us to see if we’d be interested in working with them on some promotional images for the Credit Union Xmas Pageant here in Adelaide. After being briefed there was no way we were about to turn the job down and when you see the ‘pop’ style and caricature portraits we created you’ll see why! The shoot was a blast, rather freezing in a giant warehouse but the team kept us fuelled with coffee and finger food so everything flowed very smoothly.

BMW 5 Series

Every now and then we are commissioned to create an image that is as much about illustration as it is photography. I’ve decided to include a screen shot showing the layers of the initial working phase creating this “intimidating” image of a BMW 5 Series. For the BMW aficionado’s out there, this is the old shape 5 series as the new shape headlights are more wimpy!!

In terms of production, this image spent approximately 4 times longer in Post Production/Retouching than it did being photographed. A key element to remember when doing this kind of work is to get good reference shots of the object you’re photographing, this makes it much easier to put the elements together in post.

New website launch – Pretty in pink!

We’ve been teasing for a while now but the time has finally arrived! Lightly Salted has leaped into the mobile age with our all new shiny pink portfolio site.

Special thanks goes to Jase Roberts for his branding efforts and convincing us to go pink! Since the rebrand last year we’ve been turning slightly fluoro and now have a bright pink Holga and a fluoro pink iPhone cradle.

Enough introduction, go check out the site, please be patient with image galleries, they take a few seconds to load the first time around! Feel free to check out the site on your iDevice’s too.

*NEW Lightly Salted Photography Website*

Designer Wine

Living in a city that produces the worlds best wines (my limited opinion!) definitely has it’s perks. Not only do we get to drink earthy Shiraz and smooth, dry Sauv Blanc’s (our faves) but we are immersed in the creative world of wine label design. Some wineries take their branding very seriously and to them we salute and do our best to make their brand shine. Here are some recent images produced for some gorgeous brands – and kudos to the designer (Todd Engelsma) for essentially giving us free reign on these (and “forgetting” to pick up the bottles after the shoot!!).

Coopers Scooter AdTown article

Click here to go to AdTown article

Woke up to the latest AdTown news this morning with one of our images jumping off the (virtual) page! Click the image above to read the article on the AdTown website.

This is a job we worked on late last year which bagged a couple of AADC awards for the agency (Showpony) – was a hoot to work on and we’re very happy with all of the publicity it’s producing.

And here is a full size version of the actual poster that was produced and displayed in the Adelaide Casino:

Win a Coopers Scooter

Website rejuvenation underway

It’s been a busy year thus far for us Salty folk and after far too much procrastination we’re finally on the home stretch towards launching our fancy-pants new website. Keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground for a launch date coming soon!