As some may be aware we’ve been renovating our new studio for the last 5 or so months – it’s finally at a stage where we’re happy to show you a sneak peek!

The most recent major work was the floor grinding, we’ve had our concrete floor cut back and sealed with a non-slip epoxy coating which has given us a high gloss concrete look (which we love!). We’re in the process of installing the kitchen and the next big job is raising the roof, literally! The warehouse end of the space has a fairly high sloping roof but we’re going to push it up and level it out so we have 4m of studio height to work in. We’ll then paint the floor and walls white and install the cyclorama (the curved white infinity wall). It sounds like a lot of work but our builder is a miracle man so we hope to have the studio fully functional by mid 2012.

Excuse the work site mess!